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The New Normal: Online Personal Training

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The coronavirus pandemic has us all rethinking the way we go about our daily lives. As a fitness studio owner and personal trainer, I am constantly thinking of new ways to make exercise and our personal training expertise more effective, enjoyable, and accessible to more people. Likewise, many of you are trying to find different ways to give your life some semblance of normalcy as you live through this pandemic.

Online training is a service BodyBosselini Fitness has always wanted to add to our list of services. We feel as the fitness population becomes more comfortable with technology, the more popular remote training will become. We have been pleasantly surprised with how effective and enjoyable live streaming online fitness classes has been for our clients. The feedback we have received from our online clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Our participants have continuously expressed how enjoyable and effective online training has been for them. We even have a few clients that consistently train with us twice a day!

There are obvious advantages to online training for a lot of people who live busy lifestyles and don’t have time (nor the desire due to the coronavirus) to travel to a gym. The main advantage of online fitness training is the ability to train with an experienced personal trainer from any remote location you choose with internet access.

I have specialized in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) fitness programs since I started training clients as a professional personal trainer many years ago. I will write a future blog post explaining why I prefer HIIT, especially for clients who desire to lose weight, shed body fat, develop lean muscle tone, and improve cardio endurance. Our live streaming group fitness classes incorporate all the aforementioned fitness goals into fun and challenging online training format.

We have designed our live streaming group fitness HIIT classes to require minimal equipment and minimal space. However, we use light dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat. These group classes are designed to develop muscle definition, increase overall strength, enhance mobility and flexibility, improve cardio respiratory endurance, and encourage the maintenance of a healthy fitness lifestyle.

How do you know if training online is a good option for you? There are many different trainers with different training formats and programs for you to choose. You must assess your fitness goals to make the best decision about choosing to invest in yourself for an online trainer. Obviously I cannot speak to what other trainers offer, I can only define what our online training program offers and then allow you to decide if it will satisfy your fitness needs. If at the present you feel as though you cannot motivate yourself, training alone is boring, you don’t know what exercises to do, but you know you want to maintain or improve your fitness level, give the BodyBosselini HIIT Cardio Group Fitness Classes a try. We are looking forward to seeing you online. Stay safe.

Feel free to leave questions or comments below and view our website at https://bodybosselini.com for more information on how to join us today.

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